Uber is a ride sharing, food delivery and transportation network company. Till date , it’s the world’s most highly valued private startup. The changes in the market, sharing economy referred it as uberisation. Uber was founded by Garrett Camp in 2009. Camp wanted to decrease the cost of black services ever since. After series of operation they came up with the whole new different levels in uber services. Ride services included, UberBlack which was the first and foremost service provided by uber offering a black luxury vehicle. Then UberKIDS for kids safety, UberPETs for pet transportation, UberPOOL, UberPOP, UberSELECT, UberSUV, UberXL, UberX ,UberWAV . UberAUTO, UberBOAT etc were additionally  provided in specific places. Apart from the riding services the other services were, UberAIR  as flying cars (Aircrafts). UberEATS providing meal delivery from the listed restaurants. UberRUSH providing courier package delivery but only in Chicago, NYC and SanFrancisco.  Uber is also gearing up for driverless cars. Uber has its smartphone application through which clients book their rides by viewing the vehicles located close to their location. They book the vehicle according to their choice and requirement. The driver with the help of GPS or similar navigation system tracks the client’s location and pick them up. The driver drops the client in their desired destination and the bill is made by the app only (no tipping required). The network service used is basically an optimization algorithm which lists all the necessary information and does the organization. The fares regulate according to time and demand. At the time of holidays or severe weather, the fares go high as the demand is high. It also attracts the drivers which ultimately increases company’s overall revenue. Well the uber is getting really good day by day , we shall see what changes and additions come next.