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Welcome you to Readerchoices, Here you can experience others life by reading others real life stories and lots of valuable content, Hope you enjoy the taste of Readerchoices content like Quotes, Real life stories, fiction, Love stories, Festivals,  pick up lines, blogging, Questions, Do you know facts and many more to come…


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Inspirational stories

Ritesh Agarwal | KFC  |Steve Jobs |Dhirubhai Ambani|  Mahendra Singh Dhoni |Sindhutai Sapkal| Najat Vallaud | J.K. Rowling |Positive Attitude | Indra Nooyi |Kalyanasundaram |Milkha Singh |Bhutan | Che Guevara |True Leader | Your Time.You’re not LATE, You’re not EARLY!!! | Bhagat Singh | Sam Berns

Real life stories & Fiction

Riya I miss you |  Fear in mind  | Life, Struggle, poverty |She said….she walk before she run | Perfect World – The Spiderweb | Destiny – No one can escape | Neha Loves Ajay!!! |Art of Management| When Amit met Ananya!!! Part – 1 |When Amit met Ananya!!! Part – 2 |

The Words I didn’t Convey to Her-1 | part-2 |part-3|part-4|part-5|part-6|part-7|

 Beauty of words  

No, This is not My Destiny!!! | Desperation!!!, Are you Desperate about Anything/Anyone??? |People with Passion Can Make The Impossible Happen!|Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinationsI never lose I either win or learn |Don’t Educate Your Children To Be Rich!! |No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself, or to get all the credit for doing it |War does not determine who is right -Only who is leftPower of loveFrom a Rock To A Pebble|


Nelson Mandela  | Bob Marley | Mahatma Gandhi |   Steve Jobs  |  Prophet Muhammad Quote of the Day

Bob Marley Quotes

Herb is healing of nationGet up, Stand up |When one door is closed  | Open you eyes  |The Greatness of man is not in…Life is One Big Road  | Truth QuotesOne good thing about musicThe Road of lifeYou say you love rain…Overcome the devils| The biggest coward  | Fear is courage  | Why do you judge the life i live  | Feel the rain  | How strong you areThe Hardest prison  | Vision to reality  | Universe within himselfFighting for freedomWhen door is closed  | Battle & Victory | Heart to feel true pleasureMental slavery  | Light up the darkness  | Live for yourselfMoney is just a number  | Love the life |  Don’t gain the world |

Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

No & YesWe need not  |Freedom is not worth  |The weak can never  |Through my mind  | Change yourselfIn a Gentle wayThe Greatness of Humanity  |Live as if you were |

Prophet Muhammads Quotes

Kindness is a mark of  | There is no beauty better than  | Giving alms can erase sins  | Any one who trains himself to beGood word not less than charity  | Modesty brings Nothing |ModestyDo not belittle Be KindThere is a polish for everything |

Steve Jobs Quotes

Don’t cost any Money  | Stay Hungry, Stay foolish |Being the richest manDesign how it works  | Death is very likely to  | Remembering that you are going to dieMake it simple |Sometimes life hit you |

Jesus Christ Quotes

If you love who love you  | For Everyone who  | All the commandments  | Forth will Destroy you  | If you want to be perfectIt is not healthy  | Blessed are the  | For God  | Don’t be anxious aboutDoors will be opened for you |

Nelson Mandela Quotes

Everyone can rise aboveA fundamental concernA good head  | Discrimination  |Do not judge me | Lead  | ResentmentFree is not merely to  | I learned that courage  |Education |


About Blogging

What is Blogging?Why people do blogging? |

Start blogging

How can you start blogging?Important Things you should know before you start your blog?

Choose title, content & format

How to choose an attractive title for your post?How to choose your website name? |How to write quality and meaningful content for your blog? |

How to Create you blog & website using wordpress| Using Wix | Using blogger |


How to get your blogs searched in Search engineWebsite indexing in yahoo and bing |Website indexing in GoogleHow to promote your blogging website |How to Promote Your Blog/website and Get more traffic on your website |Ideas to promote your blog or website

Adsense & Earning

How does Google AdSense work | How can you start earning from the blogs?How much Blogger are earning in India and what they are publishingMake money using your blogging websiteTrades you should have to be successful bloggerHow to apply for Google AdSense Before applying to Google AdSenseWhat to do if Google AdSense is disapproved |

Pick up lines


World wide festivals | Religious Festivals | 

World wide festivals

Taiwan Sky Lantern FestivalUp Helly Aa Fire Festival |  Songkran Water FestHoliMusic and Arts Festival | Boryeong Mud FestivalSnow and Ice SculptureMardi Gras- The Carnival Fiesta de CascamorrasTomorrowlandOktoberfest | La TomatinaBurning ManSongkran Water FestKırkpınar Oil WrestlingCARNIVAL OF VENIC |

Religious Festivals

Why is Dussehra celebrated?Why is Gurupurab celebrated?Why is Eid Ul Fitr celebrated?Why is Onam celebrated?Why is Pongal celebrated? | Why and How Holi is Celebrated?Why Diwali is Celebrated?

Question & Concern

Religious book – why they must have been written?Help me out|
Right or wrong!! 

Polls for life based Question

Welcome you to the gentleman club                                                                                                          ——League Of Matures & Understanding – Being genuine to yourself

Do You Know  Facts 

Technical, Business & Advertisements 

Make money using your blogging website | How much Blogger are earning in India and what they are publishingHow does Google AdSense workHow to Promote Your Blog/website and Get more traffic on your websiteHow to Promote/Advertise your businessHow to create business ads on InstagramHow to create business ads on twitterHow to create business ad on facebook | Use of digital marketing in promoting your business and WebsiteStart ups in indiaFlipkart- A Successful Indian E-CommercePaytm How it startedTechnical Solutions | How to Download Youtube videos without any softwareGoogle Trends – Choose your keyword wisely How to Change Your Gmail Password Using an Android Device.How to Change Your Gmail Password Using the Gmail WebsiteMail Merge with Gmail – How to use itWhat is G suite and why you should use itTrending in the worldBitcoin- How to buy bit coin in India


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