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Have you ever you been a leader? or at least you have a aim of becoming a leader in future? If your answer is “Yes”, You should always keep in mind to “LEAD” your people  in your organisation how small or big it might be. Coz leaders now a days are managing but not leading their members. Let’s take a company in this case, the leaders of the company always think about the company and its financial productivity rather than its employees. Almost every corporate employee believe the company they work for does not care about them. They are not comfortable in the company which they are working for. Coz, company might layoff them based on performance issues. Members should not be merely a means to a company’s financial success. Everyone deserves the chance to return home from work each day feeling fulfilled by the work that they do. Leader has to make his members feel safe.

Let me share you an example about a leader and his true leadership skills. Heard about Bob Chapman? If not, You can go through this link Bob Chapman . He runs a big manufacturing company in the middle west. Back in 2008, He was hit very hard by the recession. So the company led by Bob Chapman had lost 30% of their orders overnight. And for a large manufacturing company like that, it’s a big deal to hold or afford their labour pool. They need to save $10 million. So the board called for a meeting and decided to layoff as the other companies do. But Bob Chapman refused, Coz he doesn’t believes in head count but only in heart counts. Its quite difficult to simply reduce the heart count. So the company came up with a program where every member from secretary to CEO has to take 4 weeks unpaid vacation. They could take any time they wanted but not consecutively. The motto of this program is “It’s better for all of us to suffer a little rather than any of us to suffer a lot“. And by this the morale went up and they save $20 million. The members felt safe and protected by the leadership and organisation so the natural reaction is to trust and corporate. And nobody expected, people started trading each other. Those who can afford more can trade with who can afford less. Like some can afford 5 weeks and other can afford only 3 weeks of unpaid vacation. So, they started trading among themselves. By this the company got stable within no time.

Leadership is a choice, It’s no a rank. There are many leaders in organisations who are not actually leaders. There are many banking CEO’s with disproportionate salaries in this world who will just show the authority on their members. They show their power. These Leaders might have qualified with their immense records in their organisation but in reality they lag behind the pass mark to become a leader. A leader should treat all his members in a homogeneous way. Great leaders always do that. Because they were chosen to look after the person to the left of him and they were chosen to look after the person right of  him. This is what exactly the leader is.

We call them leaders coz they go first. We call them leaders coz they take the risk. We call them leaders coz they will choose to sacrifice themselves for their people to be safe. And when they do these, they will get the natural response from they people like the people start sacrificing for the leader. They will give their blood, sweat, tears and everything for the growth of the organisation and to see the leaders vision comes to life.

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