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Here I come up with a short fiction story. Just tried my level best to make everyone interested.

The Misconception:

It was a hot day and I was on my way to office. In next 20 mins I stepped into my office space. Completely drenched with sweat and a bit irritated, I tried to manage to reach till the reception. One of my friend was passing by and he waved at me. My response was a bit late and by the time I waved him back, he turned his head and left. To my surprise, the receptionist saw me waving and thought I was waving at her. She blushed at me and was narrating the entire incident with her colleague. It’s a complete misconception and I want to make it clear to her. But as I was already late to login, I just ignored.

Time to Clear the Misconception:

It was a hectic day with full of meetings and presentations. As I was feeling hungry, I was rushing for a quick sandwich. So when I was crossing the reception, I could see the Receptionist blushing at me again. I can sense something is really going wrong. Now it’s time to clear everything with her. I went to the reception an stood right in front of her.

Hi, I said.

Hello Sir, She responded with a warm smile.

I’m very sorry for the afternoon. I didn’t really waved at you. It was my friend who passed by me and I just waved at him. But he was in a hurry and left and that had led to all this misunderstanding.

I can see a feel of disappointment in her face. But she responded with a smile saying It’s Ok Sir, No problem.

I was happy and satisfied as I cleared everything with her and left for my hot sandwich.

The Meeting:

On the same day, I was going back home after a hectic day at office. I was damn hungry so thought of having my dinner at a nearby Restaurant. Soon I grabbed the menu card from the counter and checking for the best meal. Meanwhile, I heard someone ordering food in a sweet tone. It’s a girly tone. I shifted my eyes from the menu card to the direction from where I heard the voice. She is standing facing the counter; I can only see her back. She is wearing a blue sari with embroidery border and a cold shoulder blouse. With a stunning long hair and peacock feather hangings on her ear made me more desperate to look at her face. Finally I managed to look at her and to my surprise she was my Receptionist at office.

Hi, Good Evening!! I said.

She ignored with a smile.

Hey this time it’s not a mistake. It’s intentional. I was talking to you I said.

Oh really, Hello She said with a teasing smile.

So here for dinner? Do you mind me joining you for dinner? I asked her.

She didn’t answer me and left without any word.

I felt a bit low and thought of simply having my dinner and leave at the earliest.

I have got my order in next 5 mins and I was looking for a corner seat so that I can finish my dinner without any disturbance. So went and sat at a place where I felt comfortable with a dull romantic light.

I was busy having my dinner and all of a sudden I sense someone sitting beside me without my permission. I raised my eyes and it was her. I stopped chewing my food and was holding one half of the burger in my hand staring at her.

If you don’t mind, Can I join you for dinner? She asked with her eyebrows raised.

And who on this planet will refuse if such a beautiful girl asks for a company? Immediately I responded Of course Yes. You are most welcomed to join me.

She said thank you and sat comfortably.

We had a normal intro and after that had a long conversation until she finished her dinner. I was happy having that conversation with her after a long hectic day. I feel stress free now. And its time to end this conversation and say Good Bye. Felt a bit bad inside me but pretended as if I was normal. She is staying nearby so I followed her for a short walk till her place. At last we reached her flat and she said Bye.

I started heading back to my place. She raised her voice and called me.

Hey Amit Can I have your number?

Oh Yes, Of course you can.

We exchanged our numbers and departed.

On my way back home, I received a ping from her.

Hi!!! She pinged.

Hello!!! I responded.

So are you free this Sunday? She asked me.

Yes, I’m free. Why? I questioned her.

Coz, Ananya is planning to ask for a Dinner date. She replied.

I was on cloud 9 for around 10 mins.

Are you there?? I’m sorry if you are not interested and If I took you wrong. She pinged me again.

Amit is thinking for the best place for the dinner date with gorgeous Ananya 😛 . I replied.

Is it ? Then decide and let me know tomorrow. And she wished me Good Night.

Good Night Ananya!!!

Next Part to be continued tomorrow. Till then stay tuned!!!

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