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Hello!!! I heard someone calling me from behind. It’s the voice of a girl, so I just turned around to look at the girl with such a sweet voice. Oh wow! She looks like an angel. Looking great in red kurti with white bottom. Curly hair with a long nose between her beautiful eyes. She is stepping towards me with a broad smile on her lips. I don’t have any idea about who is that girl and why she is heading towards me. Within no time she stood right in front of me. I was dumbstruck and stood still, waiting for the girl to start the conversation.

Hi I’m Neha ,  your junior at work. She introduced herself with a bit of excitement on her face. I can see the freshness and joy of getting first job in her eyes.

Still in a shock and dilemma whether this was really happening with me or not, I was just staring at her with my mouth wide open.

Back to conscious, I introduced myself as Ajay.

I know she said with a naughty smile.

How do you know me? And when did you join? You from? What you are upto? Blah blah….. I asked many questions.

Oh nooo please give gaps between your questions and let me answer one by one. I’m not a Siri in Iphone she said with loud and annoyed tone.

And coming your first question, I’m eyeing you from my day one in this office.

But why I asked.

Nah nah I’m not gonna tell you that. Hope you are brilliant enough to get the answer by yourself she said.

Joined 2 weeks back and I’m from Pune. Hope this information is enough for you to start a conversation with me she said with question mark face.

Ha ha ha I’m sorry just curious to know. I don’t have any intention to trouble or annoy you I said.

It’s ok handsome, I don’t mind. I’m happy that finally I dared to speak with you.

I’m very happy inside. And felt blessed for the first time in my life coz a girl is dying to talk to me. I thanked god many times in this small stretch of time for the best thing happening in my life.

I can see her love on me in her eyes. She want to express many things to me but something is dragging back.

Even I’m waiting for those beautiful words from her mouth. But I controlled myself to let her speak.

So shall we go out for a coffee?? She asked me. She is planning for a coffee date.

Oh wow really!!! Coffee with this beauty? I felt it’s my day today. Very happy inside. But I don’t want to let her know my happiness. I just said ok let’s go.

In next 5 minutes we were in a Café Coffee Day. I read the tag line of that coffee shop, “A lot can happen over Coffee” and giggled.

I was just looking at her thinking about my relationship with her in future. She is busy in telling about something about the coffee shop and the taste of the coffee. But I’m out of my mind, Not at all interested in anything other than her beautiful face and attractive eyes. I was just looking at her all the time. After 5 minutes I sense someone calling me. I turned slightly towards my left and it’s the waiter waiting for our order.

I ordered 2 cappuccino with simple smile.

Ajay !! Ajay!! Get up you idiot. We are getting late.

I was furious when I came to know that waiter took my name for the order.

I was about to scold and suddenly someone kicked on my butt and I fell out of my BED.

You Idiot, are you going to sleep all day ? Don’t you want join us for the movie ? That’s my friend scolding me.

Ohhh Nooo it’s Just a DREAM 😦


Hope you like it. Suggestions and feedback invited.