Don’t Educate Your Children To Be Rich, Educate Them To Be Happy So They Know The Value Of Things And Not The price

Do you believe on education system today,  well you believe or not you are going to ask your kid to go to school and learn thing which will help them to earn and survive in your future life.

This is really irony that today generation is going school to learn subject like physics, Maths, Chemistry and many more just they will be there trained how to clear examination  then get a job, start earning, get settled and then raise your property

The beauty of education is lost, as per the ancient India education was all about make them learn to be


Have courtesy,

Maintain dignity,

Being genuine

Being yourself 

Don’t be greedy,

Have humanity

Respect others feeling & emotions

Never lie

But the world has changed and the education system!!

Education should be about how you can be a good person, follow ethics of life, be loving , having courtesy , being respectful.

I strongly believe this education system is leading the world towards a destroying the beauty of life, people here are being educated to compete others and so the every country trying to be more wealthy  and powerful I strongly believe all of us should concentrate on living life which is respectful, peaceful, without any greed in you.

Educate your kids about the way they should approach life to a good human being not the richest human being.