The words never fear of anything and presents the truth as real as it is.

I felt like heartbroken when I first read this quote by Bertrand Russell. How simple it is war never determine who was right or who was wrong and it is always misleads people, that who win is right and people starts following them.

War is nothing but a process to decide who will win or who will loss, who will live and who will die but war never determine who is right or wrong.

It determine…. -Only the people who left alive in the war.

I see a Peaceful message in the quote that War never leads to happiness for the society.

War never determines who was right and who was wrong. War will only bring sorrow to people’s life and there loved once, Just to settle down some thing or prove yourself superior,  just to challenge others ego, cool down your anger and satisfy your ego.

The words in the phrase is shouting loud and trying to confess a reality that please don’t go for a war, it will only end up with yours or others relative having immense feeling of sorrow, distress caused by loss, affliction and disappointment which can never be way for the betterment of the society.

The Quotes consist of simple word phrasing together and providing a beautiful message of peace, that’s what I call beauty of words.