Hi Welcome you back again and today we are publishing questions asked by our website visitors, can you answer this with all help them out with what others thinks.

Lets get started with League Of Matures & Understanding – Being genuine to yourself

Felling of Hurt

–  Sahil Arora, Punjab (INDIA)


Can Love Happen Twice with same or more intensity 

– MD L Ansari, Agra (INDIA)


Natural or Artificial 

-Sanjay Narwaiya, MP (INDIA)

Purpose Of Life

-Shashank Rastogi, Chhattishgarh(INDIA)


Biggest Fear

–  Sunil Patil, Bihar (INDIA)


Penalty Of Death

– Kiran Sahu, Delhi (INDIA)


Do Evil Power Ghost Exits

Roshan David, Goa (INDIA)


Time Is The Greatest Medicine


– Tanmay Bhatia, Mumbai (INDIA)

Keeping Smiling in life because its almost impossible to understand the biggest game ever LIFE.