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Hello Readers!!!

How are you leading your Life? What’s your daily Routine? Are you Happy with what you do? Any Regrets? Are you Greedy? Hmmm Even I’m confused!! So thought of writing something about different types of people in this world. Whatever I had written below is just my opinion and might not be true.

As per my opinion, there are 3 kinds of people in this world.

The first of the 3 is the one who is rich and wanna become more and more rich.

The second is the one who is in a good position in life but with full of greed to become rich.

And now comes the third guy who is happy with what he have and enjoy’s his life.

And now it’s your turn my Readers to think and confirm in which category you sit in.

So life is full of Joy, Fun, Pain, Dilemma, Sorrows, Adventures etc etc and the list goes on and on. Everyone on this planet should undergo all these phases in their life at different times. But leading a healthy and happy life is the best of all.

Back to categories, The first guy who is already rich and leading  posh and great life is in a greed of more and more money. He’ll never care about anything other than money. He even forgets that he have a family of his own.

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Leaving behind the thought about his health, emotions and self happiness, he always runs behind money. He is in a race to win the competition. I’m not saying that one should not compete to achieve something in life. We should compete and achieve something in our life to some extent but not at the cost of our health and happiness. When we become old, helpless and dead, nothing comes with us other than the sweet and happy memories which we had spent during our life time.


Now coming to the second category guy, He have nothing in life life other than achieving the unwanted goal. He is a desperate to become rich. This guy would do all the work in office and he would ask for overtimes to work and to put extra effort. All he need was numbers always running in his bank account as a credit. In this process, he will forget about happiness and at last he even forget how to smile. I’ve seen many corporate employees with such a dumb and expressionless faces. Their posture would make you feel uncomfortable even for a one minute conversation.

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And now comes the third category guy, He is happy with whatever he have. Of course more than happy!!! He will not care about the hectic schedules in office or other things. He will always keep his office matters away from his personal life. He will never try to merge personal with office life. This makes him unique and much stable than anyone on this planet. He enjoys most of his weekends doing things which makes him feel good and happy. He might even visit a charity foundation once in 2 months which makes him a complete human and highly satisfied soul on earth. He philosophy is simple and clear, Life is all about giving and getting happiness by different means. All we have to know and investigate is how we gonna get it.

So finally what I wanna say to my favourite Readers is Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Be Happy, Give Happiness to others and live a happy and memorable life.


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