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And it’s time for the next part of this story. If you haven’t read the first part, You can read it Here. So the Part – 1 ended with a Good Night message from Amit.

And the Longest Night Ever:

I just got down from the bus and started walking towards my flat. All the way I was thinking about only one thing that “Is this really happening in my life or just a dream“. I pinched myself to make it clear. Its true!!! But the real challenge is fixing the venue for the dinner date. Its a very hard task for a guy who is single like me. I’m not aware of any romantic places for a date. After a lot of research, Finally I got to know about a place from one of my friends. I found that place interesting and thought of fixing that place for the first date of my life. But I had question in my mind whether she like the place I chose? Is it a bad choice to fix that place? What to speak with her on that day? How to start a conversation with her? Did she like me? Thought of messaging her but its already 3:30 in the morning. No, Its a bad idea to ping her in this time. But I was eager to talk with her.

Oh God, Please rise the sun early today. I prayed. I wanna talk to Ananya.

First Thing in the Morning:

I had 3 hours of sleep and woke up early in the morning by 7:00 AM. I immediately thought of wishing her Good Morning. But I heard a voice from inside not to ping her. It might be my ego. I respected my ego and deleted my message. It was 8 in the morning, Even she didn’t message me. I was sitting with my mobile in one hand and hot coffee in the other hand. All of a sudden my mobile vibrated with Ananya’s name on the screen. Its a Whatsapp message. Immediately I opened the message and found Good Morning with three different smileys at the end. This time I’m unable to control myself anymore and replied back Good Morning within few seconds.

Are you sitting on your mobile and awaiting my message? She replied with teasing smileys.

I don’t know what to respond for this. I just smiled checking her reply.

Not actually, I was checking my to do list for today. I said.

Is it? Do you think I’m a kid? 😛 She again replied.

This time I had no option left with me other than accepting the truth.

Oh god!!! You girls can sense everything on earth. Yes, I was waiting for your message from past one hour. I replied.

Oh really!!! Sorry, I’m to have kept you waiting for a long time. But I can’t help, I woke up just now. She said.

Hehehe Its’ okay. I replied.

So What are your plans for today? She asked

Hmmm nothing much, Even today is a busy day for me. Meeting with my onsite clients for 2 hours and few presentations. I replied.

Ohhh busy guy on this planet. Okay I’m getting ready. See you at office. And she bid adieu to me.

I have to prepare before I reach office. So I started working on that.

By 12:00 PM, I reached office and I was in a hurry to hit the meeting room. I didn’t even glance at Ananya at the reception. In fact, I forgot that Ananya would be waiting for me over there. The very next minute I received a message from her.

Don’t you even have a second to look and smile at me handsome? She pinged me.

I saw the message and when I was about to reply, my manager caught hold of me for something urgent and I totally forgot to respond to her.

Even I had my lunch in the meeting room which my manager had shared with me. So no chance of going out.

The Wedding:

Finally by 5 in the evening, I’m free and then struck in my mind that Ananya messaged me in the afternoon and forgot to respond back. I cursed my manager first and then myself. I unlocked my mobile and found 3 messages from Ananya. I thought of pinging her back but I felt that’s a bad idea. So I dialled her. No response from her. I dialled her again. This time she answered and said “Hey Busy man, So are you free now are still busy with your work?”

Sorry Ananya. I started explaining her what had happened.

Hey C’mon, Why are you saying sorry to me? It’s okay. I didn’t expect any apology from you. I just want to know whether you are free or not. She said.

Oh thanks for understanding. So how was your day? I asked her.

Yeah, not much interesting. Same routine typical week day. she said.

So you left early today I guess. Which means Amit has to have his dinner alone :(. I said smiling.

Ohh I pity you Mr. Amit. But I’m sorry I can’t help you today by accompanying you :P. I have to attend a wedding of my close friend. She said.

Oh really!!! That’s cool. Then you might have already hit the parlour for looking more gorgeous. I said with a cunning smile.

C’mon handsome, I don’t like hitting parlours for getting ready. I’m happy with my looks. No need of any artificial touch ups. and by the way, If you have any spare time left, can accompany me to the wedding. She said.

Hey c’mon Ananya. How can I join you in your friend’s wedding. I don’t know anyone over there. I might feel uncomfortable over there.

No problem. Trust me, Ananya will take care of you. But if you really don’t wanna join, I’ll force you. She said.

Now I had no choice other than attending the wedding with her.

I said Okay and told her that I would pick her by 7:30 PM at her place. She said okay and disconnected.

I immediately left office and reached my flat to get ready. I tried different combinations but not satisfied with any of those and finally wore a plain black Tee with a blue shaded ripped jeans. I took my car out of parking and pinged her that I’m about to start.

After 5 long minutes, I received a message from her that she is ready and I can start to pick her.

I reached her place in next 20 minutes. I can see her waiting at her apartment gate in black suit. Her stilettos have increased her height by 3 inches. This time she is wearing a pair of crystal type hangings which are making a tingling sound banging her cheeks. Her eyes turned more beautiful with the eyeliner which she has applied. She came and sat beside me in the car and I can smell the best perfume of my life.

Oh my God!!! You look Gorgeous Ananya. I said.

Thank you Mr. Amit. Even you look handsome.

Oh really!!! I tried very hard trying many things but ended up with this simple pair. I said.

So shall we go? I asked her.

Oh yes!!! Of course we can start now. She said.

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