Airbnb  the acronym stands for  Air-bed and breakfast. Airbnb is one of the most inspiring startup stories. It’s an american startup which provide people a short term lodging including all types of accommodation e.g. hotel rooms, home stays, apartments etc.  The history behind this company to be a successful startup is quite inspirational.  In 2008, two people named Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia moved to san francisco  from NY  in search of employment. They found themselves in a difficulty when they were unable to pay the rent of their room. They came up with this idea to rent air mattresses on floor with breakfast which now makes a perfect sense to the name of the company. They luckily had their first guests who were two men and one women.  They rented each person for 80$. After the guests left, they thought this can be a great idea which they can expand and make it a worldwide lodging network  which every person can use when they are on vacation, walk tour, business tour etc. As first it was a small setup and they somehow needed a helping hand , they invited their friend named Nathan and made him the co-founder of the company. He with no more delay launched SXSW and received two bookings. Well they definitely knew how to reach their audience. It was through the advertisement. They made branded boxes of cereals of both democrat and republican house with different labels and sold them for 40$ each before elections, which made them 30,000$ which was a quite big sum. They started to make very less amount of money which was indicating the downfall of the company. There were many reasons which was causing them trouble e.g. security issues, interiors etc.  So they started expanding their business by going door to door in NYC and take photos of listed houses. They made a general policy for the security and safety issue for the guests. They asked the guests to upload their profile picture and information about them which will let them know about each other. Later on they slowly started to grow and made 400$ a week.  Many investors started investing in this company including Ashton Kutcher. We shall further see the developments in the company.