Giphy was a startup by Jace Cooke and Alex Chung in 2013. It’s a GIF platform  where people search for animated GIF files and share it. The visual communication has now become a part of our life and it is trending over letters. In daily life, we use his emoticons to share and express our feeling more  rather than writing a whole sentence. Well GIPHY has no  doubt made it much more easier by providing a whole new search engines for animated GIFS. Chung and Cooke came up with the idea of creating GIPHY by watching the new trend  of this communication. In the beginning GIPHY was working merely as a search engine but later on collaborated with Facebook so that users can share, post them on Facebook. Slowly GIPHY came under the top 100 websites of 2013. Then later on it integrated with Twitter. In A series funding, GIPHY raised 2.4 million dollars from investors including  RRE ventures, Betaworks etc. in series B funding  it was around 17 million dollars. Leading to higher success and exposure, GIPHY launched its second mobile app known as GIPHY Cam allowing users to share on a social media platform.  Till date GIPHY is partners with over 200 companies. The APPS include GPHY World, GIPHY Cam, GIPHY, GIPHY Keys. It also let you upload your own GIF content. All the GIPHY accounts are free so you can save all your favorite GIFS in one place and then share them on different social medias.  You can also try your career here if you do well with the animated stuffs. Submissions are made including portfolios which are emailed to them for their further valuation. They also work with Google Cloud’s machine to serve you better. This company serves 3 billion GIFS per day to over 300 million daily active users. So there is a lot of data they need to hold  and they need to organize them in a high performing way. Database infrastructures like MySQL and DynamoDB help them in managing such huge amounts of data. Universal Studios has also partnered with GIPHY and many more like Calvin Klein, Disney, Pepsi etc. well it surely have much more to give to the expanding animation industries.