Well the first and foremost thing to know about Quora is that, it is owned by none. It’s a worldwide community ,though it was initiated by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever in June 2009. Quora is mainly a question and answer site where it works by its community of users. “You will be assimilated. Your national and historical distinctiveness will adapt to service Quora”. Here nationality has nothing to do with the people. Quora is a global intellectual community where you interact with awesome personalities, great minds etc. it is a place where you can share your knowledge and collect it too. Quora is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian. Quora also launched a blogging platform which enables the users to post some of their own contents into their profile. It’s a perfect place to clarify your doubts and seek advice . Even famous celebrities use quora e.g. Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and many more. When we look into the analytics, it is based on 0% revenue well it stated that it will soon start ads for monetization. The website has more traffic from India than its origin country. Quora uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Technology to host the servers that run its website.

Quora has about 100 million monthly unique visitors. But the employees only count to 72.  People follow and gets followed here. Jimmy wales, the founder of Wikipedia is Quora’s one of the Top writers with 860 Answers. The credit system is quite simple still amazing. The answers could get more credits than the good question. Quora was in receipt of $11 million from Benchmark Capital, the value of the startup was $86 million. Later on received funding to $61 from B Series. According to New York Times, Quora along with Airbnb and some other sites will take up the position of next generation multibillion dollar start-ups. Quora’s goal is undisputed consensus as being told by one of its Tech Journalist.  People say “When in doubt , Google it out”. But now the quote seems like “When in GREAT doubt, Quora it out”. Quora is now worth around $1.8 billion. It is written in python and c++ languages. The Quora platform also enables you to add texts, phtos, videos, links and files to share with others. You can edit/delete your answers anytime you want.  Hence , overall it’s a great place to explore.