Hi Readers,

Here we will learn how to index your website in yahoo and Bing ( also known as webmaster)

Indexing:- Indexing mean submitting your blogs/website link to get searched in search engine

Webmaster(google search console) is a place where you can see which are your article which is being shown by search engine and which is being clicked often  or rarely

Here you can submit the URL of your post  and website to get searched in yahoo or Bing.

  1. Click on the below given link to open google webmaster

Webmaster or Google search console

2) once you open the link you can sign in with any Gmail account

You need a gmail id to do this if you don’t have you should create one.

3) once you sign in google will ask you to add property (your website)

4) proof ownership by pasting a code in head section of main page of your website


Now you can submit URL to get searched in google search engine.

Which links of the your blogs you want to submit to google for indexing you can fetch and request for indexing.

Please check below screenshot for better understanding

Click On Fetch as google

Now you can render the links from your blogs by pasting the link the search bar in above shown above and click fetch

You can mention In which device you want it to be get searched.

Once you will fetch your link you will see below screen


Click on Request indexing


First check box that you are not robot

There will be two more check boxes in the before always choose the crawl only this URL

Difference between

choose the crawl only this URL & Crawl this URL and its direct link

First which submit only 1 URL but 2nd one will submit all the URL under that URL, but the you can do 10 times in 10 month.

So Use the second option Very carefully.


Here you can search all the keyword are being used to search your blogs in google search engine.

you can check how much time your blog URL appeared in search engine.

you can filter & compare based on location, device & time period.

you can also check how much time audience clicks to your posts

Best tools by google for bloggers.