Indexing in yahoo & Bing

Hi Readers,

Here we will learn how to index your website in yahoo and bing ( also known as webmaster)

Webmaster is a place where you can see which are your article which is being shown by search engine and which is being clicked often  or rarely

Here you can submit the URL of your post  and website to get searched in yahoo or bing

Lets check out the steps  to start indexing your website

Click on the below link to open bing webmaster

Webmaster for bing

Click on sign up

You must have a Microsoft account for this

Click on Sign Up

Create or sign in using your existing account

Provide all the details and then bing will give you one post and you paste that code on index page of your website

This is to check the you are the owner of the website or not

Put the code in <head> put code here </head>

once you are done you will see below page


Go to configure my site –>Submit URL

Paste your link below here and submit


you have limits so be carefull


you have lots of other options to explore 

This will help you get searched in yahoo and bing

NOTE: there is a limit on submitting the URL

10 per day

50 per month

You can even submit URL based on any location all around the world