Don’t you like promoting actually its fun & challange

There are various ways to promote a blog and in this section we will check all of them

Online promotion

Online  promotion is the promotion using internet.

Mostly social media is used for online promotion for anything because most number of audience can be find in social media.


it is fastest growing social network and easiest way to reach most of the people in short span of time.


Create a Facebook page as the name of your website and send invites all your friends to like the page & ask your friend to send invite to there friends.

Create a group on Facebook with any name that people join the group and starting posting your blogs twice or thrice in a day.

Join more and more group on Facebook which is related to your blog and post your blogs there.

You can also create Paid ads on Facebook which will help you to increase you traffic and make your website popular. It will help you reach more and more people but you have to pay to Facebook for this.

You can change your profile as page and all your friends will be awarded as page follower and will be included in the likes of the page – page will be created with the number of like as number of your friend

Check how to convert your profile to page


Twitter is an platform in social media which generates fastest growing thread and can make your blog reach most number of people as soon as possible.

Twitter Strategies

Create a twitter account

How to increase your followers

Like Other people post.

Comment on others post.

Retweet other post

Automated plugins are there to follow people (Chrome)

Instagram:- Here you can share pictures and videos so create videos and share it.

Instagram Strategies

Follow others to increase your followers

Follow others

Like others posts

Comment on others posts

Post pic with your website Name and contents

Post your blog snapshot.

Limitations: – you can only share images of your blog & you can’t add link to it which can redirect to your website.

Pinterest: Here you can share pic along with the link attached with the picture which will redirect audience to your website

Share the pic on your website on pinterest & people searching for pic will check your pic and if they click on that they will be redirect to your website/blog

you can use plugin to share your post pics directly to pinterest.

StumbleUpon:- this is my personal favorite because it really give great traffic if your content is great. Best place to put your post because this social media works in a different way If one person likes your post it will shared with more and more people and this goes on. You can submit the link of your post which you think is really great. They will verify and promote your website

StumbleUpon is my personal favorite

Tumbler:- You can share your post directly on tumbler and if the audience at tumbler like your post they will click on the tumbler post and will be redirected to your website

This is not that famous but if you get time you can do tumbler as well.

Create Backlinks

Backlink is nothing but a link on various website which will redirect to your website (This help you to recognized and increase your website rank also help your popularity.

You can buy this link in lots of the website else you can create and throw it to various website relevant to your niche(content type of your blog)

This will help you increase Alexa and google rank of your website


Quora is a forum where people used to address solution to the problem and give answers to other questions, Here you can provide answer and also drop link to your website which is related to the solution.

Quora I being used a lot for website, blogs and product prmotions

This really helps!!!

Create slide show and share

There are various website where you can share your slideshow of your website and attach a link to it which will redirect audience to the website.

Various website like these are present you just google it you will find a lot

Create your YouTube channel.

Create videos of your article and share videos

Create videos of pictures and share it on YouTube.

Create videos or promotional videos and share them

Create video explaining service provided by your website and share them

Create videos explaining about your product and share them

Guest post

Writing a post on others website which is already popular will help you to increase popularity of your website (don’t forget to keep your website link on the posts)

Offline promotion:-

offline promotion is the promotion without internet

Offline promotion are basically giving an advertisement about your website in the below mentioned places

  • Mazgine
  • New paper
  • Pumplate
  • In collge fest
  • In library

Ideas to promote:

Ideas which will help you to promote your website to have and this really work but we will talk about this in a separate post