Check whether content in your post is Unique or not.

Everyone is expert in copying and pasting but google is great he can easily find out whether your content is duplicate or not, by just using one algorithm.

Trust me you cannot fool google at any cost

We have a trick lets say you wrote an article by copying and pasting from internet and now you want to check whether the your blog is have any duplicate content.

Once you have completed writing your article you can check whether its unique or not.

Click on the below link

You can see the page similar to below screenshot



Paste your content in big box given there


After pasting content of your blog click on check plagiarism



As you can see its clearly saying that 33% of the content is copied from somewhere else or contain plagiarism.


Now lets learn how to reach to 100% unique content.

Go to the paragraph which is marked as plagiarism and changed the few words from starting and middle.

you can also change the sequence of the paragraph if possible.

you hit try for a few times and check again. I am very much sure that you content will now be 100% unique.

So, Never write duplicate content.