Check your title before you publish your post

Title are the really important and play and important role for your blog to be successful. so you should give significant amount to time thinking what should be the title for your post. Title is the first thing anyone sees before clicking and going to your website. The words in the title is used to get searched in all search engine (keywords -mostly these words are used in meta data). Image attached with the title or blog one of the key and important factor that readers will attract towards it. Title must have content related to your niche or related to the content that your blog publish then it’s a plus point.


Let’s check out how to choose your title and make it attractive.

To understand this you should know what is are factor that affect the title.

First word:-There nothing to think about.

You should put the first word whats your blog is all about.

Let’s say I am writing about Blogging

Eg:-     Blogging

Sentence after first word:- This should be attractive or interesting.

Eg:- Blogging – Lucrative and royal profession.

Add Question mark or exclamation mark if its required

Eg:- Why blogging is considered as lucrative and royal profession?

Completeness: you should try to choose word which should summaries your blog content.