Quality Content

The base of your blog is the content you publish and  trust me that the most important thing which can make you taste the success. So make sure you read the article carefully

Lets check out what are the things that are important to taken care while writing the content.

Unique content:- Generally new bloggers think you they can copy and paste from others article and soon become famous in there blogging world so dear i promise you this never gone happen. you should always write from your own you can check the content from others post but you should always frame in your worlds and then only put it in your blogs

Relevant Content:-First and foremost thing you should be relevant about what you are writing. you are here to provide the content which can be used by reader. Add some value to your blog and by adding some point which you have discovered. Readers will only come back to your blogs again if they found any value in your contents.

Introduction:- Always start introducing the topic it might possible reader might not knowing deeply about the topic. you should simple and easy words to introduce the topics which you help user to decide to read whole blog or switch to some other website.

Points:-I will recommend you to use points while writing something which you need to explain to the readers. it’s a human behavior that they always like easy and clear stuff.

Writing in point encourage user to read whole blog and readers finds it easy to understand.

paragraphs:-Don’t write in big paragraph, No one want to read a lot and understand less. Technically its hard to understand a paragraph rather than things written in points.

Use bullets:-Use bullets to show things in point, because writing in between comma is hard to understand and never easy to read.’

Add Links:-Keep links whenever it is required. Adding link in between the content gives reader flexibility to naviagte to URL whatever user wanted to know.

Table of content:-You can add table of content on the top of the post. it explains about your post and give a detailed over view about your post.

Image:-You can add one Image below the topic

Don’t write unnecessary:- to increase the word count

Not more Images:-Don’t use more than 2 Images until it is really required

Background:-Keep the contrast easy to read

Word size should be good enough to read in phone as well as desktop

Image Quality:-Use good quality pic only.

Headings:-Use heading wherever required, it will help user find the content user is seeking.