Things you should know before you start your blog

There are lots of things you should think before you start a blog, let’s start one by one

1. Choosing your Topics you are going to write blogs.

These may depends on what is your purpose of writing blogs

Hobby: – choose whatever you want because you will feel good whatever you want to express or share the information to others.

As a Profession: – you should choose the topics which must have potentials to have huge amount of readers because that’s the only thing which is going to give your money.

For your Business: – you need not to thing much, you can just start writing in favor of your product or services.

2. Choosing the Audience

There are human beings all around the globe and with different age groups

Here you have to play wisely if you are choosing blogging as a profession you need to have deep thought about it.

Location:- Decide which location you want to target, location is most important factor while promoting your blogs.

Age Groups:- Think about your website and make sure it’s for age group you are targeting.

You can categories age group based on many constraints

  • Age group which won’t use internet.
  • Age group which will be interest to read your blogs.
  • Age group which will be willing to search about the content on search engines.
  • How easy it will be to reach this category of people.

3. Check alternative of your concept which are already in the market

  • How already existing blogs are performing.
  • What unique you are going to do.
  • How you will be different from them

4. What are the challenges you are going to face


  • How to promote your blogs
  • Who else will be writing for you blogs
  • What time you should post your blogs (weekends or weekdays)
  • You should choose some pattern while writing which should be easy to understand and easily readable.