Trades of a successful blogger

You should be very certain and keen about blogging because it’s a business which like a tree, first you have to nurture it for a while and then after some time you get fruits from it for a more longer time.

So here are few tips before you start your blog

  • Be patience: yes be patience its most important aspect of blogging you can expect it to make money from first day( Don’t expect to starting earning within months).

People are making millions just by blogging.


  • Focused: you should be focused and you should give daily some dedicated time on blogging, because sitting all day and keep on watching your website won’t help.


  • Alternative already present: Check what are the alternative website which are publishing article similar to what you have thought and think what you do different from them in order to make you more successful.


  • Quality content: – you should never which is not useful to and have unnecessary things.


  • Long content: – vivid and long content with covering all sub topics is always accepted by readers even Google and other search engine promotes long contents.


  • Dedicated Hours: – you should give dedicated hours on daily basis to do a set of works (wasting your whole day won’t work) Few hours daily is enough.


  • Writing content gives 45% value to the blog.


  • Promoting a content gives 55% value to the blogs

You must check promoting sections of this blogging tutorials which will be posted soon