Choose your website name

Choosing your website name is a simple but a really important step toward success

1 Domain :-

You should select the most high level domain

We will prefer you to select .COM domain, other examples are NET, ORG, GOV, MIL.Dot com domain has most chances to getting searched in search engine.

 2. Name:-

while choosing named you should keep in mind lots of things like it should represents your business and much more things mentioned below

Make it easy to type: – Easy to type will make user to get familiar with the site name and the type of content they publish.

Keep it short:- Keeping the name short makes it easy to remember.

Use keywords. Keyword which being searched on a daily basis and with a significant rate (choosing name close to those keywords make your website easy to be recognized on search engines

Target your area:- Your name should be related to the area you are targeting it includes age group, location, business type and its trends

Avoid numbers and hyphens:- you should never use number or hyphens because that seems rare that users will accept it because it became a little hard to type and remember.

Research it.

Use an appropriate domain name extension.

3. Google Trends:-

Use Google trend website to check what are the words being the searched all over the globe

You can filter the result based on location

You can filter the results based on device

You can filter the result based on type of searches

You can compare the result of one keywords with another to have a better understanding.