We all get nervous during the time of our exams and that day is the most important than all. Everyone has their own attitude for that big day. Well if you want to look at the do’s and don’ts at the exam day then keep reading. Well to be clear and honest enough, it’s not just the day. Actually you must be prepared by the night. Keeping all your stuffs in your bag, revising once or twice before going to bed and a little concentration i.e. meditation. As the day starts, you should wake up whole heartedly that means by your mind and by your body. Eat a healthy breakfast or you can go for a protein shake. Check your bag before leaving for the exam. Now what you must not do is, pulling an all nighter. It will make you more of a fool because you will start forgetting things soon as you reach the exam hall. Do not watch anything unnecessary and do not let anything drop your focus. All the best!!