There was a man who used to accepts all kind of challenges and complete it successfully. he was not concerned of anything. His friend used to give him challenges and he used to complete it. One day his friends were discussing about ghost, buried people and graves. Everyone was feared going at the graves at night and in that place one thing was known to everyone that if you go inside the graves in the evening the ghost inside will capture you while you start returning back from there.

The person who accepts challenges was their only were this discussion was going on. Others people out there challenged him to go there in night and punch a nail on the coffin so that we can go in morning and check it, the fearless man agreed to the challenge.

It was cold and dark night with heavy rain and wild wind the climate itself scary as hell but the person who accept the challenges wear one blanket and went  inside the graves, he was little feared also because he was doing this kind of challenge for the first time and he went inside he didn’t felt anything suspicious but he was feared that popular rumor that when he will start returning he will be stopped by ghost and will be killed, overcoming his fear he reached till the graves and he started punching the nail. He punched the nail on graves but he never return back from that graves.

The next morning his friends were very scared about him so all of them went together inside to search his friend. What they found is that he was lying near the graves and they run towards him and found him dead. They also found that he had punched the nail on the graves along with his blanket he was wearing. So it was clear he lost his life because his mind was already equipped with the rumor that when he will start returning back he will be stopped and killed by ghost. What must have happened is that after punching the nail while turning back he must have felt that it’s the ghost but it was his own blanket which got attached with the nail in the graves and he must have panicked and died of heart failure. So there was no ghost it was only the rumor which was heavily working on his mind.