Once in a kingdom there were lots of mice and day by day it was increasing with a very high rate and everyone was fed up of mice, they were everywhere. Mice where huge in number and they have life very difficult and were wasting the foods. All the citizen of the kingdom together went to the king and said if mice problem is not fixed soon we have to leave the kingdom.  The king was very worried about the situation and set a meeting with the entire minsters. King and Ministers started discussing about the issue and how to tackle it and king we want this to be fixed and make sure issue and wont occurs again. So they discussed and said it impossible to make sure that this issue won’t occur again because rats can come again and increase in numbers, so the king fixed very high prize money and announce it to all other kingdom as well.

One old person from another kingdom came for the rescue of the kingdom from mice. He asked the king to allow starting the work. He asked the soldiers to dig few small well and put some peanut butter to which the rats are attracted towards. Once they put the butter in the well, rats started approaching to it and started falling inside the well. Rats started eating the butter and this went for few days all the rats where in the well and they started consuming the butter. Few days went butter is finished and Now rats where very hungry and they desperately need something to eat.

Now mice were hungry and left with no option other than eating other mice to survive and mice started killing and eating other mice, so number of rats started decreasing since the rats where eaten by other rats and only a few rats were left at the end. The old man set rest of rats free. Old man went to the king and said I have completed my job. The king was very happy but a little scared and asked the old man why you set few rats free.

The old man said the rats I have set free are now capable to kill other rats and eat them and it will make sure the number of mice wont increases again, the king was to happy and thanks the old and awarded him his prize.

The beauty of management is to kill the root cause and make sure problem won’t occur again.