Medium is a blog host, social journalism platform which creates a network by enabling people to make impressions on others. It serves worldwide and is owned by A Medium Corporation. CEO Evan Williams who is also the co-founder of twitter created this platform for the writers to post and publish documents or writings longer than twitter’s 140-word limit. The site was really small in the beginning as it had only 30 full time working staff on this platform also including a vacancy of storyteller.  Publications, Editorials are all the parts of Medium. Medium also announced a membership program worth 5$/month which offered the members a broad platform to every knowledge, having well researched authors, full access to audio narrations of popular stories and many more. People can recommend and share the post which is made by someone else in Twitter, RedditTumblr etc. the features are quite interesting, instead of having any like or recommend button, they have a CLAP button which you can tap as much as you want depending upon how much you liked the post and the author is definitely paid accordingly. Medium has a great formatting editing tool which edits your content according to your liking and publishes it. Medium seeks audience who are really interested to read posts till the very last. It wants unique readers   to give views and shares to the post. Medium has a reading time  which ranges from 7 to 11 minutes telling you about how many people viewed your post and out of which, how many read it till the last. By linking your medium account to other social media accounts make you gain new followers. As they liked your post, chances are better that they are also going to follow you on other social medias. There is a high chance that publishers hire you because of your great and unique content and you become a regular contributor. Well you can also run your own publication here. Medium excessively focus on politics, technology, culture, business, entrepreneurship  etc. hence it is a great platform to explore.