What is Pongal?

Pongal is four-day long harvest festival of South Indians and is one of the most famous festivals of India. People prepare Pongal (a dish prepared by new rice in the harvest) and wear their traditional attire. The celebration includes dance, cattle races, bonfires, sweets, and savories. The houses look resplendent with Rangoli or Kolam designs (Designs made with rice, colored powders, and flower petals). Rangoli can be seen outside all the homes on the day of Pongal

Why is Pongal celebrated?

To mark the celebration of the first harvest

What is the Significance of celebrating Pongal?

Representing the first harvest of the year & Thanksgiving to gods for the favor & help.

What are the Key attractions of Pongal festival?

cattle races

Kolam designs

When is Pongal celebrated?

14th or 15th January

Where is Pongal celebrated?

Celebrated in south India and mostly in Tamil Nadu

Pongal 2018: Begins on 14th January