Blogging is sharing information with other on internet. It can be about anything life, technical, books, quotes, stories, videos and many more.

Blogs needs reader engagement. Blogs are mostly included in social media because of the ability for readers can like & comment and have a discussion with the blogger.

It is a platform to express you to the outer world. It can also be said as a place to share your thoughts and your passions. A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. Really, it’s anything you want it to be. Blog is your own website that you should update on a daily basis to keep your blogs updated. Blog is a short form for the online word weblog.

History of Blogging

Earlier, blogging was like a personal web logs (Sharing your personal stuff), in which a person would journal about their daily life.

How term Blog or blogging evolved?

The term Blog or Blogging come from “web log”.

Advantage of Blogs

Blogs are considered to have huge marketing potential Entrepreneurs think blogs as a great place to advertise their product. We can say that blogs are huge market place and always be because the way internet is growing it can be considered as a

  • Advertising your products.
  • Advertising others products.
  • Reviewing about the products
  • Ads on your blogs which redirect user to product site.
  • Blogs as a manual to something new in the market to provide support to the product or service

Disadvantages of Blogs

  • Blogging requires a great deal of time and it’s not a one day thing.
  • You must a unique idea about which you are going to write because online web is already filled with similar kind of stuff.
  • Earning isn’t immediate, you have to nurture your blog enough to get significant amount of reader to visit on a daily basis to start earning from your blog.


Example of blogging website which are making huge amount of money:

If you are planning to start blogging you must check these website and analyze what they are writing

Points to be analyzed

  1. Successful bloggers are writing which type of content.
  2. what are trending in the market.
  3. Are they writing detailed or short article.
  4. How to frame the articles
  5. You should not put more than 2 image in an article unless its required.

More you will analyze more you know about blogging.