I can’t forget her, Those moments are still with me.

Riya, yes Riya was her name she was first girl I met in my college. She was too outspoken, loving mischievous and amazingly hot. Trust me she was kind of girl I can never forget. She was Beautiful by her innocence, nature and behavior. She was the master piece build by the god she was having lovely pair really deep, intense and mesmerizing eyes, Trust me if you started looking at her eyes you can’t stop and that was magical.

How I met her?

I was standing in the queue to enter the hall where we are supposed to attend the induction program. She was standing just behind me and asked me

She: Are you fresher.

Me: yes, what about you?

She: fresher, you which branch?

Me: Computer Science,

She: why computer science,

Me: i said,  before now I was studying in boys school only, and now I don’t want to waste my next four year seeing whole bunch boys everywhere around me for next four years.

First she laughed for a while and said

She: Man you don’t look that hot how you going to survive four year here with a big smile on her face.

Me: Need to think about it. (I was trying plan and simple).

Me: what’s your plan?

She: No plans, you tell me by looking at me you think do I have to plan anything.

I looked her from bottom to top and keep on looking at her eye for a while.

Me: Something is missing dear, but please don’t ask me what.

She: Come on tell me, No one have said me that ever.

Me: Seems like you have not met a man before.

She kept quiet for a minute but I can see she can’t stop blushing.

We went inside hall and conversation stops. We sat there till the induction program completes and then we were asked to go and check our section in which we are supposed to sit, fortunately we were in same section. I was feeling hungry I said well see you in class she said ok and i left.

First day of college

First day in the college I was late, faculty was already started telling about the syllabus & all. I rushed in the class room and asked

Me: may I come in.

Faculty: sir you are already inside the class!!

All started laughing

I checked I was almost inside the class,

Me:  oh ok, can I attend the class.

Faculty: come on get in.

I was searching for the seats I can see few vacant seats in the front row was but I preferred to sit on the last bench she was also sitting there on last bench but different side she was just beside me.

She smiled looking at me and said seems like someone is making effort to look hot. I replied Shower is only thing which make boys looks hot but the thing I haven’t even taken the shower today. She said impressive.

She asked tell me what was the thing i was missing on that day, i am missing it today also.

Me: No dear.

She: Tell me then what i was missing?

Me: The huge attraction towards me. ( I said blinking my one eye)

She again kept quiet for a minute but I can see she can’t stop blushing. She won’t say anything whenever I flirt with her. I keep on Flirting and Faculty keep on explaining the syllabus.

She called me on her birthday

After a month she asked me, can we go outside this Sunday I am really bored of sitting at home on weekends. I said of course. We planned to go out and planned to meet on a specific time on a specific place without exchanging our numbers, but what happened I forget about the plan.  As It was weekend and you boys hostel principle “A day without whiskey can’t be said as a complete day” So following this principle me and my friend were drinking I was around four packs down. We were planning to go on a movie suddenly one of  guy said you people know Riya Mandana, I asked Riya from computer science he said yes today is her birthday, suddenly I remembered about the plan and I was already late by half an hour I checked my phone three miss call, I called back she picked the phone and first lined she said “you are too bad how can you forget”  it’s not like that I will be there in 15 min and explain you all . You know it’s a long process when you are in hostel first you arrange bike then arrange money as well, you can’t go with date with little amount of money. I had wasted first 5 minute arranging bike and money, on the way I stopped at a gift shop and brought a jasmine flavored perfume for her.

Just before I was about to reach there police stop me asked about the license, I said it was kind of urgent so i forget to carry my license.

I was little more afraid because I was quite drunk,

Police: what urgent?

Me: Someone is waiting for me.

Police: who is that?

Me: one of my friend and today is her birthday.

Police: so you will get drunk and drive bike without license to go and meet her.

Me: Sorry sir but she will leave if I will get late, I showed the gift and the rose to the police and he allowed me leave.

Somehow I reached there in 25 min after committing her of 15 minutes and I was happy to see that she was still there waiting for me. It was 7 pm and night was about to consume the evening, She was sitting at end of the park and her beauty was consuming the atmosphere to, her eyes makes a lovely reflection with the color of light in the surrounding, she was really a masterpiece. She was looking complete with traditional Indian dress. Since I was drunk I started flirting with her like anything, she always liked when I flirt with her.

The First kiss

I went to her and asked have you seen a girl named Riya she is tall and fair, she have lovely pair of eyes, today is her birthday and she was waiting here for me, but I can’t see her here.

She again started blushing but this time she is saying something.

She: yes there was similar kind of girl here but she left 10 min ago.

I sat beside her and said today was her birthday and I brought gift for her and she left,

She started thinking how I get to know that today is her bday.

Me: you look similar to her so can I gift you instead of her otherwise gift will be wasted Flirtatious smile on my face.

She: she said you are really very good at flirting with girls.

She: So where is my gift?

Me: First close your eyes and don’t open till you are asked to.

She: Ok

She closed the eyes

it was more than one minute of silence I was feeling her breath, after some time she opened her eyes and said hey where is my gift,

Me: Actually I wanted to kiss you but feared you may not like it.

She laughed

She said you close your eyes.

I closed my eyes expecting she will kiss, I kept my eyes closed, but nothing happened

The moment I opened my eyes she kissed me, yes she kissed me on my lips and keep on kissing till the time I saw his gift (perfume).

She: I don’t know whether what is love, i do love you or not , but one thing I am very clear about that I can spent whole my life you. I want to be yours forever.

She was late and we could not go on dinner and she have to leave.

I was alone

Next morning what I heard totally breaks me. its been 6 years but still I can’t stop my tears when i remember about that morning.

She died in an road accident the very next day we kissed.

Trust me it’s really painful to write it down.

Those moments are still with me

The reality is she is not with me and miss her like anything, but this moments will make me smile whole long my life.

She will be loved forever…..