When exams are on head, we suddenly start feeling the rush and heat in our body, behind the ears. It is only because either you are not prepared or you are just panicking. Well if it is the first one, then buddy you got no choice, you have to sit and study. But if the reason is second one then there are might some precautions or steps you can take to avoid it. Actually it happens also all way through the exam. The sweat rolling down your face and body, body temperature increasing are all the signs of panicking. Therefore you got to build up an attitude which will take you past stress and tension. You not only need to avoid it but also the people who panic a lot. They will make your session more hard by demotivating and telling you that success is impossible so kindly stay away from those people. Whenever you feel like you are forgetting thing, start writing, it will bring back brain to normal functioning.