Everyone has their own science of everything. Some are comfortable in certain things and others are not. But there are some really scientific proven things which everyone should follow for the night before exams. You must never ever leave topics for the eleventh hour. Yes, do it days before exam and make sure you revise. Even if you don’t, it doesn’t matter that much. You can do it the night before the exams. Actually revision is the most important thing to do. Moreover some students stick on caffeine to stay awake. Just one cup of coffee makes you harder to sleep and makes you nervous and jittery. Never study all night, not at all. It makes you tiresome and you will never be able to recall things from the last night. So it is not a smart thing to do. If you are running late and you have lot of topics to cover then skip some really easy ones and go for those for whom you have a strong gut feeling that it can come in exams.