Hair removal is never an easy and painless task. There are various women with different body types, hormones etc. which comes into consideration while waxing. Well there are a number of methods to remove unwanted hairs at home. One can use razors or removal creams because they are said to be the easiest and painless ways to do it. But it doesn’t come off with all the good. The best recommended way for hair removal is waxing for sure. It is worth the time and the pain. We can use homemade sugar wax or egg white and corn flour wax. They both are incredibly helpful. There are also some DIY paste which clears your skin by just rubbing it for twice a week. We can also try using pumice stones which leaves no bumps after the process. At last, the best part about all the process is that they are way too cheap than the ones we get in parlour and comes without any side effects.