Almost everyone like cold drinks. It is the favorite cold beverages of most people whether it is a kid or an old person. We love the flavour of cold drinks and we like to hangout with cold drinks whether its a guest meeting, family or friends. But this flavored drinks are harmful for our health. We should stay away from this kind of drinks. They contain carbonated water, sugar and flavorings. These are nothing but the artificially sweetened soda with color added to it. Here are some reasons why you should avoid drinking cold drinks-

  • May lead to kidney failure
  • Increased chance of diabetes
  • Accelerate ageing
  • Leads to osteoporosis (Removal of calcium from the body which effects our bone)

There are many alternatives for cold drink, you can try drinks like shikanji, fruit juices, jaljeera water, masala buttermilk etc which are fully natural and are much better than cold drinks.