Bleaching creams available at the markets contain lots of chemical that may harm your skin and can lead to rashes or other skin problems. So, how to lighten your skin? The alternative is to bleach your skin at home using natural ingredients that are mostly available in the kitchen. It does not harm your skin and its inexpensive too.

  • Peel off the potato and grate it. Add some drops of rose water and make a smooth paste in blender. If you have an oily skin add some lemon juice and if your skin is dry then replace the lemon juice with honey. Apply the mixture on the face and other exposed area such as neck and hands. Let it dry and then wash off with water. Use this twice or thrice a week to see the results.
  • Take a ripe tomato and add some yogurt in it. Make a paste in a blender. Apply the paste on too your skin and let it dry. Wash off with lukewarm water. Repeat this twice a week.