Many people want longer and thicker eyelashes. They make your eyes look beautiful and more attractive.

Fake lashes are pretty popular these days but natural is always the best. Promote the growth of eyelashes naturally by using simple and easy to do home remedies and look more pretty.

Let’s explore some natural ways to get longer and thicker eyelashes:

  • Use Castor Oil- Applying castor oil to your eyelashes carefully and leave it overnight. Do this every night, and you will have long thick lashes in just couple of days. You can use any other oil such as coconut or olive oil.
  • Brush your eyelashes- Brushing your lashes can help them grow faster. It will encourage blood circulation and more nutrients will reach hair follicle. Put few drops of vitamin E oil or castor oil on eyelash brush or comb. Brush your eyelashes gently and carefully twice a day for 3-5 minutes to see the desired result.

Get long and fluttering eyelashes by using this simple home remedies.