We all are very familiar with the word “Rainbow”. There are so many things which cause its appearance. Its due the reflection, refraction, dispersion etc. So you can say it’s quite difficult to have a rainbow in the sky often. But what if you can find something quite similar to rainbow on land. Yes, it’s pretty amazing because such things rarely exist. But they exist for lifetime. They are called Eucalyptus Deglupta or simply Rainbow Eucalyptus. They are 200 ft. tall trees mainly found in Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea, Indonesia and Philippines. The colored spectrum is spread mainly over the trunk of the tree. They have variety of colors like green, red, brown, orange, yellow and even purple. They look adorably beautiful. It has been found that each and every Rainbow Eucalyptus is unique. Its because the underlying area of the patches and strips of the bark keeps changing from green to different colors. The base color is green due to the chlorophyll. There is a thin transparent layer of cells lying underneath the bark of trees. Tannins is a pigment just like chlorophyll which is present in the transparent cells inside the barks. They are of many colors and they occur due to the aging of trunk surface. And because of this aging, the chlorophyll present inside the cell reduces and amount of tannin increases which results in the colorful pattern on the wood.  Different species of Eucalyptus have different types of leaves. Many of them have long and narrow shaped while on the other hand many have wide and rounder shape. Some of them also produce oils which are aromatic but toxic in nature. So , before use they need to be diluted well. The oil has a very pleasant smell. The ingredients in the oil are known as eucalyptol or cineol. As the trees are unusual, the flowers which they grow are also unusual. There are no petals in them moreover no sepals. Well this tree requires a lot of water to grow which can be a major drawback. It also requires a large space because it is a very tall and wide tree. They survive best in tropical or subtropical climate. They need warm atmosphere to grow well. Overall it’s an amazing gift from the nature which soothe our eyes and beautifies our land.