We have all seen red hot molten lava coming out of the volcanoes or at least heard of it. But never seen a lava which is actually blue in color. As we say Earth is a mysterious place and anything can happen here and just like that, we have this Ijen  volcano complex which is a group of volcanic composites from East Java Indonesia. These are post caldera volcanoes which are often termed as stratovolcanoes having the highest elevation of 2799 meters. There lies a turquoise colored acidic crater lake surrounding the complex. This lake has a high sulfuric acid concentration which results in damaging the river ecosystem. The blue flames coming out of the mountains are known as blue fire crater. When the temperature goes upto 600 degree celsius , the blue lava comes out of the cracks which is due to the formation of sulphuric  acid. It is one of the places where high level of sulfur is found. Well the interesting fact about this lava is that the flames can only be seen at night unlike other volcanoes. It also has the world’s most dangerous sulfur mining operations in the world. If we manage to remember some of our chemistry classes, we would conclude that blue flames releases highest energy which means the blue flames of Kawah Ijen are highly energetic. The sulfur is actually deep red when molten, which is pour into ceramic pipes and pools on the ground turning into yellow. During extraction, they carry it away in small pieces after cooling and take them away. These blue fumes are toxic and can be fatal, still miners put their lives on risk by extracting sulfur in these dangerous place. The sulfur is used by many industries including Agricultural pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.  Beforehand this place was not so famous for travelers but now it has come to the top list among the hikers. People also refer it as electric blue as the magma heat ignites the sulphur which forms the electric blue flames. The powder can burn upto few days. The travelers who visit the place often leave their gas masks to the miners working there as the place is and the gas coming out of the flames are highly harmful. Overall this place has a spectacular vision at night which causes people to feel like they have come to a different place other than earth.