Well we all experience some really strange dreams often. In case you are dreaming where you need to take a taxi, you call the taxi but a motorcycle comes out of nowhere and you ride your way to your destination and while reaching  your destination you come across a door and by opening it, wow! Here you are, in your bedroom. All these things happen in a series which you can’t relate to each other. But they all have their own meaning. Our dreams occur mostly in the state of REM (Rapid Eye Movement). But we always return to the light mode before waking up. All the strange stuffs occur when there is an instability in your life. All the terms have their own meaning like being naked can mean you are not showing the world the real you. Vehicles means you are worried about the direction you are going in your life. You have to be a pro to find out about everything which occurs in your dream. Psychologists say that strange dreams highly comes to pregnant ladies. While during pregnancy, the woman goes through one state of emotion to other which results in strange dreams. At one moment they feel excited and the next they become all anxious. Due to the body changes she goes through, affects her sleep cycle. Dreams of falling off a cliff, running around, or even the presence of someone in your room  represents your concern and stress about the change you are experiencing in real life. They can be related to the concern of their babies, or about them being a mother. So it is mostly seen in the pregnant ladies. We can also have strange dreams when we are sick due to the low functioning of our body which keeps us away from having full control of it. People always tell about their freaky and strange dreams they had which has no meaning to their waking life. But it tells about their emotions or the phases they are going through in the waking life. Sometimes we remember these strange occurrence and sometimes we don’t. It is all about how deep our sleep was. Strange dreams doesn’t always mean it’s scary , it can also be funny sometimes and leave you in a complete laughter while you wake up. There is nothing you can do about it as its natural so just try to have fun and relax your mind.