There are numerous dreams containing of different emotions, imaginations, interpretations etc. They are mostly influenced by our own daily life experiences or what we think of before signing off to bed. Well according to research, positive dreams are less common but not completely nil. We can relate happiness to almost everything which brings joy in our life. We can experience happiness  from healthy relationships, success, going on vacations or even a smallest thing like eating an icecream. We can surely relate our dreams with our real life. But , the emotions are highly in contradiction as both the emotions are opposite to each other. The brain tries to compensate for the emotion you are dealing in real life by showing you the opposite of it. The chances are higher of having a happy dream when you are really sad in real life. Most of the happy dreams show us how sad we are in real life or what could be missing out.  We all need balance in our life and this is somehow achieved by an attempt to what we see in reel life. Most people go through hardships in life as losing someone to death, failure, heartbreaks etc. the brain trigger those emotions and you react accordingly. In contrary to what brings so much sorrow in your life, you have dreams on happiness, joy, love etc. which can possibly mean that you are missing out these things in real life. There can be different kinds of happy dreams. The most common amongst all is, seeing someone else happy. Here you watch the other person being happy because they are not the people who like to see YOU happy. They just wish your life to be always filled with struggles and miserable. The second ones are about your relationships. When you see yourself really happy with your partner, it can highly mean that your terms with him/her are not that great. You wish of that life which you see in your dreams but there is a lot of misunderstanding going on in real life. So this can be an indication that you need to make peace with your relationship in whatever way you want. The third one can be mostly like seeing your family happy. This one is the case which happens with me a lot. It really really  means that something is just not right with you and your family member. The reason can be anything like, personal dispute over property, not able to give time to your family, having feud with siblings etc.