I mean tell me what can be the most funniest thing to you? Having such dreams can wake you up in the middle of the night and leave you in a complete laughter. When we were kids, we often dreamt of superheroes, super natural powers just because our whole childhood passed watching those things. So we became quite happy seeing ourselves as superheroes in  our dreams and saving the world. But , dreams like them in this age can be defined as a little funny because you certainly know , those things can never ever happen in waking life. You can link the funny dreams to a theme of “not being taken seriously” or “life is just boring as a history period”. What we can describe as really funny is something which is truly amusing, comical, chucklesome etc. well having a funny dream really means total nonsense because it is just not adding any sense to your real life. You can dream of flying where almost everything flying or you can dream of becoming a hulk and smashing everything which is pretty funny. Perhaps they occur because you really lack some fun in your real life you want to have fun but you can’t due to your tight schedule, exam pressure etc. Life leaves you in a really boring stage for which those funny dreams keep occurring in your sleep. Well funny dreams not always mean that you are lacking real fun. Sometimes it can also mean that you have lost balance by having too much fun in your general life. As funny dreams are something which are indescribable, it can also be a part of your own creativity and self expression. Funny dreams can also consist some of your childhood activities like it is mentioned before that how we used to imagine ourselves in the beginning.  It can teach you how to make best out of your real boring life and how you can still manage to have fun despite of whatever pressure life puts on you. So having funny dreams are really a way to cheer your life because when you have funny dreams you wake up in a laughing state where you remind yourself of that dream and think how foolish and crazy can your thoughts be. So somehow you wake in a happy mood which prepares you for a happy day.