From psychological aspect, we dream for our emotions to settle down. Well there are very odd behaviours  we end up dealing with at night. All the emotions have some real meanings relating to your everyday life. If you are feeling happy or joyful it might be a sign that you are about get a bad news.

Everyone have  their emotional rollercoaster where they experience various emotions and have a reverse of it in their dreams. Interpretation is what you do when you see any dream which can make you have some serious decisions about your life. Dreams don’t speak  anything directly to you. The meaning can be hidden or indirect which you need to uncover. For example, you can have a major social image in real life but end up dreaming about totally being left out or alone. This is how the emotions are always reversing. But the case is not always the same. You can also repeat the emotion in dreams which you possess in real life. Emotional dreams represent the deep and dark thoughts in our mind. The dreams on fear and anxiety gets the most of us. Whenever we have those dreams we wake up with a very tensed mood and half of our day just spoils due to the emotion activated by that dream. Negative emotions occur twice as of positive ones. There are so many emotions which we can feel e.g. happiness, compassion, fear, anxiety, malice, melancholy, depression, frustration etc. various emotions tell us how we really need to cope up with the situations. It is the subconscious mind telling the conscious mind and preparing it for the worst or best case scenario we can come across to. They always come in symbols, you can dream of almost everything and won’t be able to connect it to real life. Maybe through some  continuous practice or learning you may solve out what your emotional dream really says about your current situation. Well in any case if you saw a horror movie before going bed , chances are high that you are going to encounter ghost in your dreams. And if you watch a romantic movie, you will end up having passionate dreams with your partner. This is how the sleep cycle works.