Weird dreams are the occurrence of supernatural  behavior which is beyond the understanding of human race. Did it ever occur to that you have no idea what just happened. Well we surely come across through some of the situations where you suddenly feel like falling off the bed, sleep paralysis and many more which you can categorize under weird dreams. Do you believe in sigmund freud theory? Which tells you that you dream about things you want to accomplish but you suppress them when you wake up. Between 8% to 50% people experience sleep paralysis at some time. It is horrific experience bute have nothing to do with horror. The sudden falling experience is known as hypnagogic  jerk or sleep twitch which is entirely normal but seems little weird to us. In sleep paralysis you also feel held down by someone where you can’t scream or move. People categorize weird dreams in their own way. Some are totally okay with whatever weird happens when they sleep because they are some brilliant minds who the mechanism behind. But its not same with the common man. He can get terrified by that dream which is common. Sometimes we also experience false awakening which is a vivid and convincing dream about awakening from sleep. You should not panic here you must understand what is happening and help yourself out. To prevent sleep paralysis you need to calm yourself down and try different sleep positions which doesn’t put much pressure to your chest. Whenever you come across these situation just try to think that it’s temporary and will pass shortly. Yeah it’s quite bothering all your fascinations, imaginations comes to a pause where you feel like you are awake but you are not in real. Your body is still in OFF mode you just wake again in your dreams by feeling the inability to say or move your body. It can also happen that you sense someone’s presence in your room. It’s just due to all the stress going on in your head. Well it doesn’t occur often. It gives you break for about 1 to 2 weeks for a normal guy. But if it happens regularly , you can seek medical/psychological help. Otherwise, after couple of occurrence you can manage to have them without freaking out.