Tripping is the world’s largest site for home rentals for travel, vacations etc. there are more than 10 million rentals on this site. It was founded in 2010 by Jeff Manheimer and Jen O’Neal. The Headquarter is based in San Francisco, California. It is a kind of search engine for Vacation rentals.  There are over 1,20,00,000 vacation rental sites from where you can choose where to stay. There are varied hotels from Luxury condos to furnished beach rentals and many more. It’s a complete guide to your vacation by discovering different destinations for you and hence giving you the most exotic experience, you can have while travelling.  The vacation rentals option is increasing among the people as it offers more privacy, more space, and more amenities than hotel. Tripping brought this idea of gaining insight from 1,260 home renters to understand what travelers are looking for. O’Neal says “All the generations seem to have the same desire that is, having pool, free Wi-Fi, Outdoor space at the best price available.  Some people also have luxury tastes like renting a Villa/Estate. The company was launched from Tech Crunch’s disrupt in NYC and has raised  $1million seed round, a $16 million in series B and a $35 million in series C funding. Tripping has investors in Silicon Valley, New York, Europe and Asia. The total number of funding rounds are 5 from which it raised a total of $52 million. It is safe spot for travelers to find free homestays and open the door to cultural immersion.  Here you interact with the host or the host interacts with needy traveler.  The site definitely competes with other home rental sites like Airbnb. It keeps the interaction safe by validating your passport to make sure you are actually who you say you are, and actually live at the residence listed. Currently, Tripping is used across 130 countries and will use the funding to extend its reach. It is partnered with dozens of vacation rental sites like HomeAwayTripAdvisor, VRBO and etc. It allows you to compare prices so you can book often directly. According to your filters depending upon price range, amenities, the site displays all of the properties available with their prices on various sites listed side by side. So, it was a highly successful startup and is growing rapidly in the online market.