Use your Thinking Brain

If you are thinking people will start liking your blogs without any strategy and promotion ideas, Trust me friend you are never going succeed.

Lets talk about some ideas which can lead you to the sucess.

You can organize an event or a competition for school

Organizing a competition will attract huge number of audience to the website. Have a good price and organize it monthly or quarterly.

put an advertisement page on your blog with prize money & share it on all social media with prize on the title to attract the audience. This will lure user to visit your blogs.

Send invitation using emails and even you can give and ads on (Colleges, schools & individual personals)

Local TV channels



On Whats app broadcast list

Many more are there you Just think about it you will get it

Make sure organize completion which won’t cost you more.

competition can be like

Very less cost competition

Writing competition( which can be organised online)

Speech competition

video making competition

online painting competition

This helps a lot.

Organize a completion related to your blog in you’r and other college fest

College fest are the place where you can find lots of young blood.

Organizing any competition doesn’t requires much cost.

People in college are very enthusiastic about participating in completion and this will help your website a reconigtion and traffic

Organize a article writing competition online or Quiz competition and put some prize for winners.

Start this 2.5 month before  the last day of submission and

Declare winner publicly

Send invitation to college and school and ask there student to participate in the competition

Share this on Facebook , twitter and Instagram

You can use paid ads as well.