Get your blogs search on the top of search results

Getting your article search engine you should make your content public  and if the content searched by people matches your title or metadata then search engine will show them, but at what postion they will show your post depends upon

how good is your content.

how  relevant it is for user.

How much information is given and is there anything new.

There are various ways get your website or link indexed in search engine.

what Does indexing your website means ?

Plain and simple answer would be adding your blogs( webpages and post ) to search engines (google, yahoo, bing etc. Depending on what are the keywords your use in title and content(meta data) search engine will crawl and index your post and pages on the search result of search engine and readers will be redirected to your page from there.

Your can submit the URL of your blog pages and post to reach maximum people

you get limited number of submit per month or per day.

Limits are different for google & Bing search engine.

Lets check out how to start indexing your blogs.

Indexing your website in google.

google earlier call it WEBMASTER but now GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE

Check our article to start indexing your website in google

Indexing your website in yahoo & Bing.

Yahoo & bing call it webmaster

Check our article to start indexing your website in google

This thing will enhance your blogs search results if you are a blogger and you are not doing this! feeling sorry for you.