Google AdSense is one the best ads network because its pay the best in the market

Few things you must know before going further to these tutorials. Google AdSense have few policies and you need to stick to those policies in order to get your website approved. Let’s check out the important thing you need to take care before applying to the AdSense.

Specific content:- Types of content  which are rarely found on internet will be an advantages for AdSense approval.

Unique: – You website/Blog must have unique content and trust me my friend you can’t get approved by duplicate content. I will recommend you to never copy content from internet and paste in your blog.

Big articles:- If you are writing big articles you have more chance of getting approved. Big articles are always considered to be on the top of google search engine. Google prefer big articles.

Navigation of your post:-You should keep your entire article under some category. Make sure reader can easily navigate easily from one article to another.

You should keep all your article in under some menu or sub menu.

Name of the menu and sub menu should be related to the content of the post

If you are writing content related to previous post you must give previous and next button

NOTE: None of the article you should left without any category and menu

Visitors:- As per my observation you should not apply for google AdSense until you have 200 visitors on a daily basis for more than a month.

Contact page: You must have a contact page otherwise your website will be disapproved.

In contact page you should mentioned your




You must write this things in bold.

You must write this things in a easily visible place of your website.

About us Page:- You must have about us page where you should mentioned yourself and other people who are associated with the your website/blog and what you do.

What this website is all about

Why you have started this website and other whatever else you want to.

Privacy policy : You must have this page where you should mentioned privacy policy for your website/blogs

There are few website which will automatically create privacy policy based on your entry

Disclaimer:- you must have a disclaimer page on your website

Terms & condition : you must have terms & condition. It’s to mentioned if you some conditions of terms you want to specify the user or reader for using the website or anything else about the website.

Plain & simple: you should keep background of website blue,red,violent or color which are hard to adjust by user eye (really google take care of this things also).