Lets know the step to apply for Google AdSense

To apply for google Adsense you must have a gmail account,

Make sure you have never used this account before for adsense approval for any other website.

  1. You need to open the below google adsense website url




Click on sign up


2) Fullfill the details asked very correctly

3) Once you are done sign in

4) Now google will ask you there thing

A) Payment address: – it’s an physical address So,Give address where you can receive post because Google will send a pin to your payment address for verification for the first time only.

B)Your mobile Number

Now google will provide you a small code which you need to place in the index or main page of your blog/website


Paste the code just below <Head>

And above </Head>

This is done by google to check who is applying for adsense should be owner of the website/blog.

-> After pasting the code click on the check box mentioned at the google AdSense page while applying

Now Just hope for the best to happen 🙂