Things to do after your Adsense gets disapproved

Once your AdSense get disapproved you feel real bad, I can understand after working when anyone see disappointment definitely we will disappointed. You should check your mail and read it very specifically & point out there recommendation in order to make your website eligible for AdSense.

Let check out the mails for disapproval of Google AdSense


As you see google have clearly mentioned below that your website doesn’t meet the policies and also they have recommended few thing to make your website eligible for approval.

website should give significant value to the user

Google have clearly mentioned that your website should give significant value to the user

Which means that your website is providing value to the users either you content should have something unique and it must have information which should be important to the user.

provide unique and relevant content

Google mentioned you must provide unique and relevant content

Unique:-  you must be copying content from others website and pasting it on your paste

Or write unique content which are rarely or not available in the market.

Ads on auto-generated pages

Don’t put ads on auto generated pages or pages which little content:

You should not keep ads on internal search pages or pages which have very less content

Internal search :- it’s the search used inside the website to search content inside your website

Navigation on your blog

Your website must provide good user experience: it means user friendly interface that user can easily navigate from one portion of the website to other.

Readers should be able to easily click through your pages & post and find the information they’re seeking