Make money using your blog

When to start thinking about earning money from your blog

Once you blogs started getting significant amount of user on daily basis. You can start thinking about making money from you blogs.

Two ways

Paid ads: Paid ads are the aids which you can keep on your blogs as form of poster or banner.

This is basically done using your personal contact if anyone wants to promote his/her business he had to pay you a fixed amount to show their ads on your system.

AdSense and other alternatives: This type of ads is basically third party ads. Here you have to get registered to their website and get your website approved then only you show their ads.

How do they pay for ads?

Most broadly if we go there are two things you must know:

Impression: impression is nothing but the number of views you get and as per the view you get paid for it.

Click: Number of click you get on your ads (basically it first viewing the days and then clicking on the ads which will redirect the user to the client website).


Google AdSense




Google Ad Sense is considered to be the hardest to get approved but it pays the best.

Paid content:- In this type of promotion you promote a product by writing good things about the products.

Eg:-  You write review about the product.

You write feature of the product

You can write about new services about any product