Bloggers & Their Types

Blogging was earlier used to share personal information or your daily stuff but now these is for providing information to outer world with the things which are new in the market.

Now people used to share information about how to use new products and services

Below are the list of ideas blogger generally use to start their blogs

  • Tutorials (Technical & Non-Technical).
  • User manuals.
  • How to use any new products.
  • How to start using any new services.
  • How to use and new tools, software & applications.
  • Review about the products
  • Health tips
  • Foods and their health benefits


There are two kinds of bloggers:-

1) First type of bloggers:- These types of bloggers are people who are passionate to share something new they have discovered or something they find very unique and they want to share.

  • These types of blogger choose blogging as their hobby.
  • They are very specific to the topic they choose.


Topic choose by these type of blogger are generally  

  1. Stories
  2. Poetry
  3. Cooking
  4. Something very specific.


2) Second Type of Blogger:- These type of bloggers basically do blogging to make money by sharing information and when you go to their website you can find relevant information and beside that there are ads when you see those adds or click on those ads the blogger earn some amount of money.

  • These types of blogger choose blogging as profession.
  • Choose topics which are trending and have a huge potential to get searched and search portals.
  • Topics which are evergreen which are search always and by all age groups
  • Topics which have potentials to spread on social media as fast as possible

Topics choose by these types of bloggers

  1. Technical Tutorials (Technologies emerging in the market)
  2. Non-Technical tutorials (Sports, mediation, yoga etc)
  3. Tools, software and application based information or manual.
  4. Information for new services
  5. Review of new gadgets
  6. How to use new services in the market

Choosing your niche and topic is the most important thing for starting blogging let’s talk about it:-

What is niche?

Niche is the what content your website or blog will be having?


-> About Fashion

-> About Technology

-> About Tutorials

-> About life,spirituality,yoga or mediation


You should understand what kind of niche you want to work on and you must significant knowledge about those topic. Before you start your blog you should prepare a road map and that will help you taste the success.